Fish Tacos

I love fish tacos. Especially in the summer. They’re fresh-tasting and light. Plus they are so versatile with all the different kinds of salsa and veggies you can pile on top. Diced avocado, tomato salsa and shredded cabbage for traditionalists. Shredded carrot-zucchini slaw and a squeeze of lime for risk takers. Homemade tartar sauce with one or two french fries layered in for a fish-and-chips approach. The sky’s the limit with creativity. And you can grill, deep fry or saute all kinds of different fish for even more variety. I could have these once a week for a healthy, hearty summer dinner that you can hold in your hand.

So pick your favorites from all these items below and mix and match your way to a summer full of fun-tastic fish tacos!


* Fish (try tilapia, salmon, halibut, catfish, shrimp or even fishsticks!)
* Small tortillas (corn or flour, but get the smallest size)
* Shredded lettuce, cabbage, swiss chard, baby mixed greens, spinach, etc.
* Salsa (green or red; or go wild with tartar or curry sauces, malt vinegar, etc.)
* Toppings of your choice (this is wide open too…try any combination you like from guacamole or diced avocado, chopped tomatoes, sliced green onions, diced yellow onions, chopped green or red peppers, diced cooked potatoes, diced or shredded zucchini or summer squash, shredded carrots, tiny broccoli or cauliflower florets, hot french fries…)

1. Either saute, grill or deep fry your fish until it is done (non-translucent). If your fish is large (whole fish, steaks or filets) break it up into bite sized pieces for easier consumption.
2. Place the taco tortilla in the curved palm of your hand.
3. With tongs or a spoon, place a few pieces of fish in the bottom of the tortilla.
4. Spread, drip or pour the salsa, curry sauce, tartar sauce, malt vinegar or whatever sauce you like, on top of the fish.
5. Top with your favorite ingredients to finish your masterpiece.

To serve, it’s fun to have the ingredients out on the table and let everyone make their own creations. Or you can carefully place two tacos on their sides next to each other on a plate and add rice and beans or whatever side dishes you enjoy.

They have frozen Tilapia at the La Honda Country Market in the freezer section and this fish defrosts quickly, so this is a wonderful quick dinner idea even for an unplanned occasion or weeknight dinner.


About countrymarketcooking

I am blogging about my experiment in sustainable community through cooking in the tiny mountain town of La Honda, California. Each week I'll be buying ingredients for a family-of-four-dinner at our fabulous local La Honda Country Market (which we are so lucky to have). Then I'll blog about it and share my recipes for that meal. Mangia!
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